Aurora Spray Mop S5


  • PRIME HOMES: We are a UK based company with a dedicated UK support team. If you have any questions about the product either before or after purchase then feel free to contact a member of our professional team.
  • LOOKING FOR THE ULTIMATE FLOOR CLEANER: The Prime Homes Microfibre Floor Mop provides effortless cleaning potential for your home or office. For best results use on your Hardwood floor, kitchen & bathroom tiles, laminate, ceramic and concrete floor. Our 360 degree swivel head and trigger washer allows for those hard to reach spots to be easily cleaned.
  • REGAIN YOUR PRECIOUS TIME: With our ergonomic design features the Prime Homes Microfibre Floor Mop provides easy and efficient cleaning exactly when you require it the most. Our 600ml liquid bottle provides 100’s of uses of your favourite disinfectant. The flexible rotation swivel head provides access to all those hard to reach areas without having to move heavy furniture.
  • USE THE CLEANING LIQUID PRODUCT OF YOUR CHOICE: The Prime Homes Floor Mop allows you to use your favourite cleaning product. Try environmentally friendly cleaning with lemon or essential oils in water. This floor wash with a spray can clean the floor with cold steam using water.

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