Cockroach Bait Box


★ I put the biscuits in traps, and located them on three different positions in lumber room. The next morning, I was shocked, It caught so many cockroaches, I could’t believe my eyes. I LOVE IT! What A Great Product!

★ Safe and Low Cost: Protect your home from cockroaches without using dangerous chemicals, sprays, repellents or ultrasonic pest repeller that can harm you, your plants,animals and your family. Cycle Use, Works Forever.

★ UNIQUELY DESIGNED: The trap entrance is design with two layers of door access control to allow roaches to enter into the trap but cannot leave. All kinds of cockroaches climb in, even little cockroaches can easily be attracted into.

★ Energy Conservation and Environment-Friendly: Don’t need electricity, Used in any environment and any position. Protect your home from Ultrasonic Sound and Radiation.

★ Bait Convenient and Simple: We don’t come with any bait, because the bait is bait convenient and simple, like the biscuits, cereal, sesame oil, butter, fish meal,and other cockroach love food.The more scent the bait is, the easier it is to catch the cockroach.

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