Slim 3 in 1 ((Skin Care))


  • Multifunctional Weight Loss machine- Includes EMS, high-frequency vibration, blue/red Light , ionic import and export. Help you to shape a charming body and restore the resilience of skin with a short period of time.
  • High Frequency Vibration EMS Massager- Can reduce wrinkle, enhance skin elasticity and permeability, which can promote absorption of nutrition and accelerate metabolism to reach weight loss.
  • Ionic Lead Out Function- Positive ion can effectively lead nutrition deep into skin and make skin fully absorb nutrient. Negative ion should use with clean cream, can deeply clean skin, dark spot, blackheads, etc.
  • Sliming Where You Want-The body sliming massager can use in the arm, waist, abdomen, hip, legs, face. Red Light : 622 ±7nm, can reduce wrinkles, tightening skin and anti-aging. Blue Light: 467±5nm, sterilization, avoid skin inflammation and leaving scars.
  • Please Notice- Fat loss massager works by high frequency, which is portable and practical, but it does NOT has a heat function, and it can NOT get hot. Usage: 1-2times/week,20-30 minutes/time.

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